About Us

Yakshna Technologies mainly focuses in supporting small and medium scale industries, technically to increase their productivity. We have reduced tax filling burden for U.S. Citizens by developing e-Tax application. Our core services include IT Strategy and Planning, Enterprise Systems Management, Database Administration, Application Development and Maintenance Services, Mobile Application Research, Mobile Application Development and Maintenance, QA Services, Business, Process, Quality and Technology Consulting, Resource Augmentation, ITES Support, Product and Services – Joint Development and Marketing.


“A Leading IT Enterprise Committed to Enhance Global Small and Medium Business”


“To be an emerging U.S. IT Corporation Serving the Global Small and Medium Business (SMB) Enterprises through Innovative IT Business Solutions”


Yakshna Technologies is committed to achieve “Business Excellence” by consistently delivering cost effective and quality business solutions to exceed our customer’s expectations.



We nurture an entrepreneurial spirit throughout our organization and in businesses. We keep and ensure that an entrepreneurial spirit is always at the heart of our workplace. Our ability to translate an idea into reality within the shortest possible time frame is critical to our rapid growth and diversified business goals. We support entrepreneurial spirit across individuals, small and medium businesses and communities who form a part of our value chain.


We recognize that we must hold responsibility to deliver on the promises we make to earn the trust and involvement of our customers. We constantly strive to meet stakeholder expectations by taking responsibility and accountability. We continuously work to improve ourselves and enhance our abilities.


Integrity is demonstrated through engrossment on all our activities. Our intention is always to be fair and honest to our employees, partners, business associates, customers and stakeholders. We must deliver and adhere to what we say, regardless of the circumstances in all that we do. We must enthusiastically strive to achieve the highest standards. We are committed to thirst for change and continuous improvement in generating and creating new ideas. We are continuously committed in building an agile and proactive organization that is prompt to respond to the dynamic needs of our customer’s business by way of our commitment to continuous learning.