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Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is a web based system that makes smoother functioning of the hospitals or any medical camps. HMS is used to collect patient's information, diagnosis details and so on. The main function of our system is to register and store patient’s details along with doctor’s details and store the data and also retrieve when required and also to manipulate these details. This system is easily accessible by admin or receptionist. The data is well protected for personal use and processed very quickly. Our expert team helps to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. Hospital Management System is an integrated end-to-end process which provides relevant information across the hospital to support decision making for patient care, critical financial accounting and hospital administration. Our product is designed to improve the quality and management of areas in clinical process analysis and activity-based cost. We help to develop and improve your organization's effectiveness. Many companies use an ideogram (sign, icon) or an emblem (symbol) or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo, to be recognized without a name.



-Information about patients is collected by just writing the patient’s name, age and gender. Whenever the patient comes up, his/her information is stored freshly.

-Bills are generated by recording price for each facility provided the patient on a separate sheet and finally is summed up.

-Diagnosis information of patients is generally recorded on the document, which contains patient’s information. It is destroyed after some period to decrease the paper load in the office.

-Immunization records of children are maintained in pre-formatted sheets, which are kept in a file.

-Information about various diseases is not kept in any document. Doctors themselves do this job by remembering various medicines.

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Human Resource Management System

Binds all your HR Processes under one roof. We design bridges to cement the gap between management and employees by simplifying the process. Create, configure and automate all process for quick requests and instant approval. Track your employee leave and record for easy payroll calculation. Generate reports based on measured data, whether it's for sales or growth. Visualizing the data with ease, helps in decision making with analytical HRMS. Addition of new features, modifying existing ones, automating your routine HR processes, sets the custom user for delicate data.



-Performance management

-Time logs and attendance tracking

-Shift scheduling

-Managing payrolls

-Recruitment and onboarding

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Pharmacy Management System

We provide user-friendly pharmacy management system that can navigate the complexities, inventory management and point-of-sale functions. PMS allows your pharmacy to process, track and dispense all prescriptions with high level of accuracy. It provides the most powerful and efficient system on the market for all types of pharmacy operations. Our software will meet operational requirements to provide comprehensive pharmacy services. Our expert team is implementing a complete ambulatory pharmacy system that is integrated with your health system.




-Nurse station

-Order management

-Supplier invoice and account management

-Billing management

-Recipient confirmation

-Data management

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Enterprise Resource planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated business management system/software development which assists organization to manage their resources within the company. An ERP system collects data from different levels of your business and optimizes your business activities thereby smoothing operations across departments. ERP is the best solution for betterment of your project management team. Our expert team will provide the customized ERP development tools that can help you to grow your business quickly. We help you in building the manufacturing flow more smoothly, thereby improving visibility of the process inside the company.




- Fund management

- Price planning

- Budget allocation

- Material requirement

- Planning

- Quality control

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Learning Management System, allows us to manage every aspect of a course from the registration of students to track the course, as well as allowing you to accept assessments digitally and keep in touch with students and the mechanics of personalized learning. LMS will include a variety of corporate functionalities but will have features such as rubrics, teacher and instructor facilitated learning, a discussion board, and often the use of a syllabus. We help you deliver training materials to various audiences – think everything from online courses to real-time instruction sessions. Aids in administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. We can implement Learning Management Systems for educational institutes as well. It reduces the learning cost and time of travel and space arrangements.



Students can opt for learning programs while professionals can deliver learning courses. It provides the flexibility to its users to learn from anywhere. It shares discussion forums on the public side as well. Users can learn the topic which they are interested in, and the cost is much less compared to other LMS.

- Creating users ID by the Administrator

- Creating roles for the registered users

- Grouping of the students based on the Departments

- Adding courses on the timeline and provide restrictions based on the Department

- Providing Authentication and tracking the students’ activities

- Backup of the data related students

- Security checks and page redirection links can be provided

- Highly secure and our team provides professional support

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