Branding Details

Professional Logo Design

An excellent logo indicates who you are and what you do for your customers. We solidly believe in building the brand that can become a company’s greatest asset. Yakshna Technologies offers company logo design services to every business needs. All logos are designed by our talented and professional design team. Our experienced and skilled design team will assist you in achieving all your brand development requirements and revenue generation for your business. We will take your company to a higher level with trendy logo/graphic designs and user friendly responsive website designs with day-to-day changing market. Effects of logo are considerably mitigates the brands that are familiar to consumers and reversed for brands that markets a type of product/service linked with negatively equitable association in consumer’s minds.



-Abstract mark

-Mascot logo

-Combination mark

-Emblem logo

-Letter mark

-Pictorial mark

-Word mark

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs

Corporate Brochure Designing

Our skilled and expert team will provide best designs to represent your business needs through innovative graphic designs. We help in business distinguishing from your competition in the market and also help in building your brand. Creates top quality graphic designs & catalogs for your business. We create designs to match your business needs and the communication channel used based on your requirements.


Formats that we are expert in




-Double Gate-Fold


-Accordion Fold


-Double Flyer


"Design is intelligence made visible" - Alina Wheeler

Web Design and Development Services

A website is more than bits and pieces of various elements together in one place. Design for mobile and tablet browsers ever-increasingly day-by-day which works on the appearance, layout, and content of a website. Appearance related to colors, font and images are used. Layout refers how information is ordered and categorized. We design with a focus on simplicity, so no information and functionality that confuse users, appears.

Two methods for designing websites on both desktop and mobile are responsive and adaptive design.



-Project definition

-Project scope

-Wireframes and site architecture

-Visual design

-Site development

-Site testing


-Site maintenance

Responsive Design

Content moves dynamically depending on screen sizes. Present difficulties in this regard, designers are careful in controlling of how their work will appear.

Adaptive Design

The website content is fixed in layout sizes that match common screen sizes for both mobile and desktop.

We pick a different layout for the phone's screen rather than leaving the design to try to rearrange itself.



-Magazine websites

-E-Commerce websites


-Portfolio websites

-Landing pages

-Social media websites

-Directory and contact pages

-Neville Brody

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries."- Neville Brody

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is used to promote the visibility of website and leads through paid advertising. We help your business to promote on SERPs through search and display advertisements. Using Google products alike Google Ads, where businesses are paid to show their ads in Google search results.


Paid Search

Depends on level of competition, this includes three ads above and seven to right of the organic traffic.

-Double click ads

-Remarketing/retargeting ads

-Display ads

-Native ads

-Inbox ads

-Google shopping

-Search ads

-Social media ads

“Digital Marketing is not an art of selling a product. It is an art of making people buy the product that you sell.”- Hecate Strategy

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of increasing the quality of website visibility and traffic of webpage users on search engines. We are following best practices which Google loves to rank as per the various Google algorithms (White Hat). We don’t follow any spam/Black Hat techniques to rank on search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). With our unique and growth hacking SEO strategies help our clients to rank for the most competitive keywords. Set your small business for massive success on the web and earn qualified leads with us.


Organic Search

Depends on the personalization, this could include local results, news, articles and maps.

- Keyword research and analysis

- On-page optimization

- Off-page optimization

- Competitor analysis

- Content optimization

- Link building optimization

- Social media optimization

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that needs to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen